Friday, May 29, 2020

Who is Q?

Who is Q? Why should you listen to Q instead of the TV news? Here are some answers.
Q Clearance Patriot, QAnon, or simply Q is a group of patriots in Military Intelligence / NSA with access to all the information including Top Secret and Secret Restricted Data. Q serves at the pleasure of President Trump and is leading The Storm and Great Awakening worldwide. Q leverages anonymous internet boards (the chans) to divulge the biggest insider approved intel drop in the history of the world. These anonymous boards were selected as the single communication channel to spread the message because they could not be controlled or censored like other social media platforms. Q posts cryptic “crumbs” that hold the key to future events and the unraveling of corruption and evil that is everywhere. These crumbs are fully understood by watching the news cycle and seeing events unfold. Q has made many predictions of future events that are undeniable proofs. Likewise, there is a clear pattern of communication and coordination between Q posts and POTUS tweets. POTUS, Q, and patriotic anons are working together to rid the world of the evil and corruption and it's working -- The Storm is picking up speed as we see: politicians stepping down, CEOs resigning, sealed indictments, child trafficking arrests, house cleaning in FBI/DOJ/DOS, booming US economy, North Korea peace, Saudi Arabia arrests, Iran revolution, and much more...You can learn more about Q at: You can learn how to understand and research Q here:  and here:


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