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-The truth about our food, water & health

First, I want to start by showing you the truth about our food, air, and water. As you read each chapter, you will be able to see the need for communion and the supernatural transforming power of communion.
Most people don't drink enough water. Dehydration causes many medical problems, including pain, stiffness, arthritis, asthma, allergies, and other physical and mental problems.

Your cells need water. When the cells lack enough water, it affects energy, sleep, and the ability to get toxins and waste matter out of the cells. We are made of about 70% water. Water has a memory of everything it comes in contact with.

Chlorine and fluorine are highly toxic; it is in all tap water, causing scarring of the arteries. This scarring causes LDL cholesterol to attach to arteries, causing Arteriosclerosis, which can negatively affect every organ of the body, especially the thyroid gland, causing people's metabolism to go down, depression, and other physical problems.

ANSWER - use a Reverse Osmosis System
For your information, bottled water that is spring water is not filtered or purified.
Another way we absorb water is when taking a shower. We absorb about five (5) drinking glasses of water PLUS all the toxins are being absorbed through the skin AND by breathing the gas caused by the steam.
If you drink carbonated beverages, be aware that they block calcium absorption. Calcium is one of the most important building blocks for nutrition.
Tea can be very therapeutic and great for the body.
Juicing is great for its nutrients.

Memory in water –Dr. Emto
Foods daily killers
·        White sugar,
·        white flour,
·        hydrogenated oil,
·        aspartame, monosodium glutamate, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup,  homogenized and pasteurized dairy product,
·        pork,
·        farm-raised fish, shellfish,
·        sunblock,
·        antiperspirant
·        fat-free
·        sugar-free, low carbs
·        table salt.
Only 5% of cancers result from our genes, 95% are caused by the toxins we eat, drink, touch, and breathe!
The truth about vegetables & meat
Most fruits and vegetables have been genetically modified - to become more disease-resistant.  However, to make more money and
increase efficiency for stockholders, most foods, animal, or plant, companies use:

·        pesticides
·        herbicides
·        antibiotic
·        growth hormones
·        genetically altered 
·        Chemical food additives.

 They have to create a lot of products cheaply and quickly and sell it for the highest profit possible. To do that, growth hormone is used to speed up animal growth and antibiotics to keep the animal healthy. Also, unsanitary and inhumane to all economic conditions is feeding the animals unnatural feed diets that pump more chemicals into the meat and upset the animals' natural system, causing it to be out of balance.

Today an apple from the grocery store has only one-fifth of the nutrition in it that it had in approximately 50 years ago.
The creation of trees and plants is to GIVE food, which causes them to GROW more. Pluck off an apple and it grows another one.  But animals are alive and were not meant to GIVE food because it would be DEATH. Death is an enemy that Jesus conquered on the cross.
Experiments on plants show they are conscious.

Labeling products
Currently, there are over 10,000 ingredients that doesn't have to be on a label.
Food products are created with additives in them to preserve the food, making production as cheap as possible, to add taste and texture in an unnatural way, making one hungry to make one fatter, and to cause addiction to the product.

Whatever you put into your body does one of two things. - It suppresses immune system, which increases susceptibility to diseases. Or, it turns the body from its natural alkaline pH state, in which disease, illness, and sickness cannot survive, into an acid state, in which diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and others can thrive.

Here is a list of things added to food that hurt your body.
·        Additives
·        Unhealthy toxic chemicals
·        Affect your body your immune system
o   Make you age faster
o   Turn your body to acid pH state
o   Makes you more susceptible to diseases t
o   Strip away all nutritional value.
·        ingredients that makes a person become hungry fat
·        Ingredients that addict you  to their food
·        Therefore not getting the nutrition’s that you need
·        Your nutrition’s not being absorbed
There is nothing in this world that we eat that is not fallen and under the curse, EXCEPT communion –the body and blood of Jesus

Pharmaceutical Truths (Lies)
Healthcare defined as the cure, prevention, and diagnosis of diseases is the most profitable industry in the world.
Many food companies are directly or indirectly involved in the pharmaceutical industry
·        Officers
·        Directors
·        Owners of the stock in the pharmaceutical companies.
These associations do not represent you. They represent their members, the companies, corporations, and the people that make the money.
Virtually every pharmaceutical company is a public traded company, which means that officers and directors have a legal responsibility to increase shareholder value and increase profits.
Drug industry gives millions of dollars to medical schools:
            REASON- that their drugs can be put into textbooks and doctors taught to prescribe certain pharmaceutical drugs thus guaranteeing sales of these drugs by the pharmaceutical companies

            Medical school students and doctors are taught the things to prescribe (drugs) and to cut out parts of someone's anatomy (surgery) while often discrediting other forms of healing and health.

Drugs cause the body to go out of balance and weakens the immune system, causing diseases to become more prevalent.

Drug companies' "scientific evidence" is the greatest deception. Usually, an article is paid for and manufactured by the corporation for its benefit.

TRUTH - you don't catch cancer, diabetes, obesity, or other diseases, it's self-inflicted through the things you put in your mouth, on your skin, and breathe.

Drugs do NOT go to the root of the problem.
All drugs are chemicals, and all drugs have side effects.
Using all-natural remedies will help your body heal itself and create an environment to strengthen and support your natural God-given body systems.

TRUTH - Your parents' genes do not predict or prophesy YOUR future.
Note, all human-made pharmaceutical meds are a copy of what God created for our healing and health on earth.
Human-made drugs have side effects. Some meds, by its design, cause us to NEED MORE drugs or make the problem worse or cover only the symptoms, not the root.
FOOTNOTE: Chapter 1 Notes taken from the book, “Natural Cures They Don’t want You to Know About” by Kevin Trudeau.
The following are some links for your own research.
I will be offering the solution to this problem in the rest of this book.
The Truth About Toxins in Your Food, Water, and Air: The Essential Oils Solution by ROBIN BREMER
The Healthcare defined as the Cure prevention and diagnosis of disease is the most profitable industry in the world. Many food companies are directly or indirectly involved in the pharmaceutical industry. Today an apple from the store has only 1/5 of the nutrition in it that it had in 50 years ago. The Problem: In order to make more money and be more efficient for their stock holders, most foods animal or plant companies use: Pesticides Herbicides Antibiotic Growth hormones Genetically altered Chemical food additives. Drug industry gives millions of dollars to medical schools. Often Dis-credit other forms of healing and health. Drugs cause the body to go out of balance and weaken the immune system, making disease more prevalent. The Solution is to be aware of what goes into our food and health products. To be know what the labels mean and how are they made. When our eyes are open to the truth, we can make wiser decisions. Thank God for our fellowship with the Holy Spirit to give us wisdom. Thank God for the communion the “Life from Heaven.” THIS IS WHY I AM INTO ESSENTIAL OILS AND ESSENTIAL OIL INFUSED PRODUCTS. I want to have the confidents that my family and I are using toxic free product in our daily living! Get this booklet today and start your journey of wholeness today.· Detox your body, kids, babies, home and animals.


The role of the elite

George Green talks about the human cloning centers, how cloning works, and that the Illuminati have been cloning celebrities, presidents, people, you name it.
Look up the information yourself. Do not be ignorant. At the very least, you will know how to pray against it affecting your body.

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