Friday, May 1, 2020

How to Research the Truth From Propagana & False Narrative

I am very busy, many people sent me links and videos regarding the truth of what's going on that they have dug up..thank you, but I don't look at all of them I prayer to decide which ones to view, which are current and which Rabbit Trail I want to go down. Unfortunately many people are asking me questions instead of doing their own research. Unfortunately that keeps me even busier yet. So in regards to that I would like to post to you how to use your own research.
1. Use several different internet connections for example Google Fox Chrome there's some more I can't think of right now.
2. Twitter is full of information. Use the pound symbol and type in the name that you want to find out more about or type in what you have heard about them in one word pound symbols. For example; #tom cruise # pedophilia # Illuminati.
3. Using the # look up people you could follow that relate to the subject you're interested in on Twitter. For example you're interested in knowing who to follow that understands the conspiracy that's going on in the war that's going on some words that you could type to know who to follow would be. # wwg1wga #q # Coronavirus #5g.
4. You could also go to Facebook and find people who are doing research or you follow and follow who they follow on Twitter or Facebook.
5. Go to YouTube and type in the subject matter that you're interested in. YouTube will pull up a list that have those words in it.
6. If you're going to share any of those links it would be best that you went to a shorten link service like bity shorten the link and posted that. That way it won't be caught as easy to remove it.
7. Remember and this is something it took me awhile to do don't gossip whatever you say about somebody that makes them look less in someone else's eyes is Gossip. That is not our goal somebody could have something against someone and post something and it would be spreading like wildfire with no proof. Don't share opinions unless you say this is someone's opinion do your own research. It is best to share facts links pictures and the way people are connected to show their corruption.
8. Remember the goal is not to broadcast bad things about people the goal is to connect the lines together to prove to people the truth to open up their eyes so they begin to pray reveal the truth the others so that we are no longer manipulated and controlled.

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