Saturday, May 9, 2020

The Elite Torture Children and Drink their Blood- Current Events ARRESTS soon


The Elite Torture Children & Drink Their Adrenalised Blood. 

 It is a drug that keeps them young and gives them a high. 

The celebrities and government are also involved. The arrest are coming just keep praying. Also pray that people’s eyes would be open.... I never thought in my wildest dreams this was so "normal" in the government, elite and some cults. I just thought it was a few devil worshipper. I never knew it was connected to child trafficking or kidnapping and was so wide spread. I never knew they were “kept” in hidden places for breeding, sex and tortured for creating the drug. The International Tribunal for Natural Justice was established in 2015 by a treaty signed by thousands of living souls across the globe. It is a law court and jurisdiction founded on the principles of Natural Justice, committed to the restoration of the rule of law. Its Judicial Commission of Inquiry into The Weaponisation of the Biosphere was held in Bali in June 2019. They torture children & drink their adrenalised blood. ... if you can believe that...Some families "breed" children for the purpose of abuse. Robert David Steele. Impeccable credentials. If not for this video, AN would still be scoffing at Adrenochrome stories...from - I used bitly to change the link to prevent the video removed.

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