Monday, September 2, 2019

Trying to Lose Weight and Gain Health?- Try This Product


I love Slique Essence. It has helped with my blood sugar and is helping me lose weight. I think people have negative views towards Young Living Essential Oils because they are all natural and they don’t have any chemicals in them. These drug companies want people to purchase anything other than oils because if everyone started using the oils, the pharmaceutical companies and the doctors would make less money.

 Ok, taste is not sweet but…no pain no gain! Besides, I would much rather have bad taste as my “pain” rather than bad side effects pharmaceutical products have on my body. Slique is made from essential oils so no side effects whatsoever! I have grown accustomed to it. 2-4 drops in my water every day and I dropped from size 10/12 to now size 6! Results are not immediate, bit I saw the difference after 3 months. I dropped 1 dress size then just continued to shrink in less than a year. Slique tea goes well with the oil in curbing my appetite. I wish I could post my photos – before and after. What I love most of Slique EO and tea is that they target the tummy – family saw the difference not really in weight but that my waistbis trimmer and my tummy bulge became unnnoticeable! How happy I am now whenI go shopping- I feel so much sexier now – Imagine me, the most sedentsry person in the family! I never thought that I could still lose my tummy bulge after 2 kids, but I did. Thanks to Slique!

 This product is best if added to your favorite juice or smoothie or it could be freshly placed in clear vegetable capsule and taken with water. I personally like the taste. I knew that all the citrice oils are extracted from the rind therefore the taste is not sweet. You can personally do research to find the health benefits of these individual essential oils found in this product. I personally benefited from each one of them. I feel that this product helps me balance my body ph and blood sugar levels.

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