Saturday, August 10, 2019

They Shall Dream Dreams- Publish/Promote Your Book Today

Have you ever wondered? Where is God when I am hurting?” “Why does God allow these things to happen?” Sometimes the doorway to the spiritual world is entered through the threshold of sleep. “Who knows what dreams may come?” Shakespeare’s Hamlet is referring to dreams after death; at the same time, there is a long-standing tradition in history and literature that dreams stand on the very threshold between death and life. In our sleep we can receive messages from the spiritual world that apply to our quandaries and struggles here on earth. THEY SHALL DREAM DREAMS, explores my personal experiences with prophetic dreams that both strengthened and comforted me. These dreams presaged the time when I ran through the ashes in New York City on 9/11, holding my daughter’s hand. My dreams also warned me of the coming storms of my mother’s death followed by my father's battle with end-stage Alzheimer's and cancer. Make sure to pick up your copy today! ********************************************************************** DO YOU NEED A BOOK PUBLISHED? DO YOU NEED A BOOK PROMOTED?
Robin is great to work with. She is professional, friendly and an excellent communicator. Robin works quickly and focuses on achieving perfection. She listens to her client's needs and she delivers. I highly recommend Robin and will definitely use her services again!

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