Thursday, August 2, 2018

Do you want to know about ANGELS? Listen to this new playlist.

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 Follow Robin on her Facebook GROUP: Angels, Supernatural, Courts of Heaven & other normal Christian Experiences FACE BOOK GROUP New group for those who want to boldly step out and share their pictures of hosts in heaven, their Heavenly encounters, experience of trying or of raising the dead, Healing The Sick, casting out demons, going to the courts of Heaven enforcing what legally belongs to us, ascending and descending, Dancing With Jesus, or any other Supernatural encounters with the host of Heaven and holy spirit Jesus and Daddy. You may promote and share your Christian only books, prophetic art, Christian jewelry, Christian related blog posts and websites, recordings, & poems. Only thing that not allowed is bashing or negative or name-calling or promoting stuff that's not Christian related. The group is mostly for sharing our Supernatural encounters and experience with each other.

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