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Courts of Heaven - What to Repent of When You Don't Know What to Repent of

THINGS to Repent of in the Courts of Heaven
By Robin Bremer  

If your life still isn't wonderful healthy blessed and prosperous and you're still going to court but can't think of anything else you need to repent of here's a list of the things that the lord gave me that has been very helpful.

1. Check your biological family history. What country are they from?
What wars originated from that country. What history can you find out about that country?
What are the people of that country known to worship? 

2. What do you know about your mother father sister brother aunts and uncles ask questions find out stories find out events find out Trauma, also histories of sicknesses illnesses diseases physical mental. These real life stories are Clues to what you need to repent of down your family lines. Find out how and where are your parents met what things were happening in your parent’s life when you were conceived or born even before then. Ask lots of questions do lots of research any kind of event or trauma could be an open door for a spirit, any kind of very emotional issues or events or traumas or neglect or abuse are open doors. Any kind of history in a occult, Cults, new age, secret societies, Shriners, Masons anything like that.

3. Repent for your individual sin. word curses anything negative, anything that makes someone look less in someone else's eyes, spoken to you through you or by you to someone else yourself family enemy. Repent of things that your eyes have seen or your ears have heard repent of things that you never reject it that were not having on Earth. Repent of agreeing with the Enemy with words of your mouth and thoughts about yourself and others. Repent of wrong mindsets strongholds anger, disgust. Think of every negative emotion you can, maybe you can get a list somewhere and go through and repent of them.Repent for things that you load your eyes to see or your ears to hear, repent of music and movies and friendships they're not having on Earth.

4. Use the Bible as a tool to repent. Start in the New Covenant and go through each book in the Bible and find things that are negative that are woes that are said to be wrong and repent of all those things. For example one thing in the Bible when you get to certain chapter will talk about homosexuality and how they have a debased mind, repent of having a debased mind, repent of homosexuality and your family all this stuff all the way back to Adam when you're done ask that the blood of Jesus take away the sin of your guilt and that God would render a judgment for your favor. That is just one example of something in the Bible that talks about it being wrong or a hindrance an Open Door. As you go through each chapter of each book in the New Covenant you will find all kinds of things to repent of. You might even want to go into the old Covenant and find things that were in your Generations behind you that were in the old Covenant passed down through bloodlines, lands boundaries spaces, places.

5. What about the property that you live on? in the house that you live in? Words are vibrations and everything that happened in that house is in the walls. Scientifically they have found out that every word ever spoken out loud is still out there floating in the universe somewhere so repent of things and events and Trauma that's going on in your house before you moved in after you moved in and its history. Now take a look at the piece of land that you live in what kind of History does it have what kind of doors have been open could have been an Indian sacrificial ground or place of a trauma or event or a war?

6. What about things that you bought at yard sales and auctions clothing furniture books and so on? is the holy spirit leading you to get rid of any of them? Every time I bring home something from an auction yard sale or someone else's home I always command every Spirit attached to it to go back to where it came from.

7. Knowledge- Where have you been getting your knowledge from? The tree of the knowledge of good and evil or from the Holy Spirit. Repent of believing the world’s stats about life. What you can and can not do. TV advertising of symptoms of sickness and when and what to expect. The definition of the word Symptoms-
a physical or mental feature that is regarded as indicating a condition of disease, particularly such a feature that is apparent to the patient.
The power of suggestion is strong on TV and radio. What have you been believing, expecting and agreeing with? When you get sick do you FIRST ASK the Holy Spirit WHAT it is and HOW to get rid of it or do you go to the internet (Tree of knowledge) to get your answers?
When you need wisdom where does the answer come from? Repent of eating fruit from the tree of knowledge and coming into agreement with it or speaking it,

8. DREAMS are an awesome tool God has given us to speak to us. Pay attention to dreams and ASK the Holy Spirit your TEACHER and revealer of HIDDEN things what it means. Dreams often point to open doors that allow the enemy to kill, steal and destroy.
Example: I was asking the Lord to show me open doors of legal entry of the enemy to hold against me. The dream scene was a school room on the 2nd floor and I felt that I was being hindered in learning and oppressed The first scene was  of another century dance where a women got jealous of another women and smashed her head with a rock.. The next scene was told to me, “a Muslim man was killed in the room previously”=Ok so I repented of my ancestor’s killing these two people. In regards to dreams write them down when you wake up and go back to them and ask for an understanding about them. YOU have the spirit of understanding dreams and wisdom, you have MORE and a BETTER Covenant than Daniel.

9. Praying in tongues will also reveal hidden things to you. If you have not used the tool of praying in tongues you could start by setting a timer for 10 minutes a day and increase. I have written over 4 DOZEN Supernatural books and many of them are best sellers. I believe I have gotten these revelations BECAUSE I spend time praying in tongues, meditating on the word and engaging God. YOU could get many answers if you take time to pray in tongues. Do it while in the car, bathroom, shower, elevator, walking anytime or anywhere you have a moment of idle time.

This list that the lord gave me should give you lots of things to repent of to close the door in the courts of Heaven that have given the enemy access to you and your family. This list also helps you to cleanse your gateways to allow the Holy Spirit to FLOW OUT of you and change the world.

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